Going green, part 3

Anyone who is involved in any business that uses wood or wood products has heard of the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC monitors forest management worldwide and offers certification to those who meet or exceed their standards for proper forest management. For those of us who are not directly involved in forestry but who manufacture […]

Going green, part 2

One of the most obvious ways a shop can “green up” is to start using green materials. But for most woodworkers “green” means the wood has not been properly dried. That is the first thing that is going to have to change.

Going green

Green is the “new black.” These days, everyone either wants to be green, is already “going green”, or (if you are really a “with it” trend setting type) have been green all along. So just what do we, as woodworkers, have to do to be green? Well, to begin with, we have to stop thinking […]

How did you fare…

… over the last year? This question was posed on the forum – www.woodshopnews.com/forum - by one of the mods but I thought it would be interesting to “bring it up front.”

Are you making a profit or just a living?

There seem to be a number of people in business who are unclear on exactly what it means to make a profit. To me it’s fairly simple.

There’s a moral in here somewhere

I came across this the other day. I thought that in light of all the recent bleak economic news, some levity might be in order.

Labor of love

Those of us who have chosen to make woodworking our profession are, for the most part, no different than any other business owners. We have to concern ourselves with the requirements of running the business, making sure we can meet our payroll and cover the utilities, and that there is sufficient cash in the bank […]

Scratch: The wonder material

Many years ago we used to read about the many things that could be made from scratch. This wondrous material has not only been readily available to qualified artisans but to the general public as well.

Perfection: At what cost?

It has always been a basic principal for me that perfection is something to be strived for but rarely, if ever, achieved. But just try and tell that your customers!