Bait and switch

Bait and switch is a well known sales technique (one of somewhat questionable ethics) that we have all encountered at one time or another. You know the drill: The salesperson gets you going on a great deal on something and then, before you know it, you are buying something else at a substantially higher price. […]

Wheels, I love wheels!

OK, it’s not like they are a recent invention. Been around for some time, in fact. But I have only recently discovered just how useful they can be in the shop.

Climb cutting

Climb cutting is a shaper technique that is often overlooked. I have always thought that the reason for this is that climb cutting cannot be done safely without using a power feeder and for some reason, many shops have shapers that are not equipped with these important accessories.

Creative thinking

I was reading last week about this guy who needed to make a six-foot radius, six-inch high cherry cove crown piece.

The initiation

As the “new guy” in any working environment, you are always subject to the time worn initiations from the more experienced guys.

Moving my shop?

The last few weeks, my wife and I have been talking about maybe trying to find a house that has a nice big garage that I could move my shop into. When I first started out, my shop was in the garage and I always enjoyed being able to pop into the house for a […]

Wide boards or narrow?

I recently completed a table with a purpleheart top glued up from two 18″ wide planks. I was faced with the age-old question of whether it is better to make a top from one or two wide boards or to use several narrow ones.