It’s such a simple word. And it used to be the hallmark of any self respecting company. Providing a quality product was job one. It was always understood that price was an important consideration. But if hitting a lower price point meant significantly reducing the quality, most companies would draw the line.

Pallet wood

A few days ago some guys were talking about using recycled wood. With the one of the big “buzzwords” of the day being “green,” it seems more and more of us are looking for ways to reuse something and (maybe) save a buck in the process.

Buying the floor model

These days, we’re all looking for a way to save a buck or two. New tools are expensive and with sales at a low ebb, sellers are loath to cut prices. You would think that would be just the opposite and that lower prices might be seen as a way to stimulate sales. The problem […]

Hand vs. machine work

We weren’t too deep into the “woodworking revival” of the mid 70s before the argument ensued about the “validity” of work done using machines as opposed to that of work done “by hand”. This argument has persisted to this day and is still perfectly capable of providing an afternoon’s entertainment.


When I was a kid I was into hot rods. I had a lot of friends who worked on cars and did customizing. There was a very strong separation between the guys who actually formed their metal parts and those who used Bondo. Bondo was looked down on and considered to be an inferior shortcut.

The problem with drawer fronts

There are many ways to design cabinet drawer fronts. Making the drawer fronts match the doors is one way. But when you have raised panel doors, you can’t use full rails on the narrower drawer fronts.