End of a long year

When I was a kid and my dad wanted me to clean my room, I’d say, I will, and he would say, Yeah, when? In 2010?

The rules of time and stuff

Human nature dictates that we acquire stuff. For some, it’s books or real estate. But for people like us who make things, its tools, jars of nuts and bolts, rolls of wire, and stacks of wood.

Classic designs

There is a reason classic forms are “classic.” They are based on ergonomics and human scale. The basis for this concept is the human form as expressed in the famous drawings of daVinci.

Creative use of materials

For the last 20 years, we have been seeing more and more materials become scant or disappear completely from the market place. Woods we have long taken for granted and bought relatively cheaply have gradually become harder to get and much more costly.