The ‘new’ internet

I have had a website for a long time now. I put it up in 1995 and have revised, maintained and administered it myself. I taught myself to do this because I was appalled at what web designers were charging to do it for me.

A gamblin’ gallery

I have been putting a lot of time into finding outlets for my turned pieces. I met with the owner of a gallery in Davis the other day. It’s a pretty prestigious gallery here in northern California, which shows a lot of well known artists.

Not a rose by any name

No long stories today. Just a small leftover piece of maple burl turned into a flower form and mounted on a slender pedestal. This is one of the things I like most about turning.

Out of nowhere

My wife has more ideas than any human being on the planet. She is a veritable fountain of ideas. In fact, I’ve often told her that we should set up a website called ideas-R-us. Then people who have no ideas could log on and for a small fee, she could provide them with more ideas […]

Pricing dilemma

Art or craft item? It’s an age old dilemma for all makers. And while there are many aspects to this question, pricing is one of the most important.

Up to my old tricks

I used to do a lot of pavement pounding, trying to meet people who might bring jobs into my shop. It’s pure sales work and as far as you can get from woodworking. But without it, no business will survive much less get off the ground.