It seems to me lately that there is a glimmer of a new understanding of the need for cooperation. Not only in business, but in every walk of life.

For a long time now, there has been a prevailing “it’s all about me” attitude that has permeated business, government, politics and personal outlook. Without cooperation, little can be accomplished without the use of force.

So, this year, at the time of Thanksgiving, I am expressing gratitude, albeit somewhat in advance, for the idea that people worldwide will finally come to understand that they need to cooperate if we are to survive. This is certainly true in any business, woodworking or otherwise.

So here’s to the hope that this is not simply wishful thinking. Have a great holiday!



  1. keith rowe wrote:

    Amen! Is this what the Mayans were trying to tell us?

  2. Pat wrote:

    Yes that is the meme started by the left. Bring on the gridlock otherwise this cooperation meme will surely be the demise of this country.

  3. Doug wrote:

    I hope you are right. It would be a blessing to us all.

  4. Will Ferullo wrote:

    Pat could you expound on what you mean a bit, thanks

  5. Pat wrote:

    The left wants cooperation in congress so you hear all of the progressives regurgitating the cooperation meme. But if spending is increased even more it will hasten the demise of this country.


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