Our condolences

A pause from our usual discussion to offer the most since condolences to the people of Newtown.

I was there in the mid 80s to interview for a position with a “well known woodworking publication”. For reasons I will not go into, this never gelled. But I spent a few days in and around Newtown. I was there from Nevada and one could not imagine a more opposite environment. Newtown is classic rural New England, at least it was then. Not the kind of place where you would ever imagine such a horrific event occurring.

I cannot imagine the anguish of those who have lost children in this senseless slaughter. Yes, even the adults who lost their lives were somebody’s children. I cannot imagine how it would feel to have one of my children taken in this manner. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected.



  1. Doug wrote:

    Yes. Very sad.

  2. Lea wrote:

    David, on behalf of relatives of mine who live in that area, thank you for your post. Newtown still is a small-town New England community, and people there are pulling together in support of each other in the best tradition of our American heritage. May we keep them in our thoughts this holiday season and beyond.

  3. Chuck Riccardo wrote:

    We live in Newington – about fifty miles away – may folks around here have shut down their Christmas lights and decorations

    So have we – and flown our flag at half mast.

    I take some consolation in the fact that the boy who did this was sick and not some terrorist. But that thought does no good for the loved ones of the departed.

    My anger and frustration is focused on the mother who should have had the brains to lock up the guns before she told the kid that she was going to have him locked up. But then, if she had any brains, she would have never had lost her husband in a divorce. Crazy people doing sick things. God have mercy on the souls of the lost innocents.


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