Another excuse …

I am having a very hard time thinking about woodworking, business or anything else lately. On the 31st of December, 2012, my grandson, George Francis DeCristoforo was born.

He is named after his grandfather, George, and his great, great grandfather, George Francis. Of course he is gorgeous and already a terrible distraction! My son has not worked a day since George Francis was born and I have been filling in for him so that he might have these first precious days to get to know his new son.

I was never in any hurry to become a grandfather but, now that George Francis is here, I’m thinking, “OK, I can do this!” So I spent some time making him a lathe-turned rosewood and ebony rattle for which my daughter knitted a sweet little bag to keep it in. The first of many toys that we will be making I’m sure.

I’ll be back with some more of my usual opinionated blather next week!



  1. A.J. Hamler wrote:

    Well, David, it looks like we both joined that club last month.

  2. BarbS wrote:

    Well, Heartiest Congratulations to you Both!

  3. Doug wrote:



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