Just sayin’

Ten things you should never say to an artist or craftsman:

1. Can you do this for free? It will be a great promotion for you.

2. That painting looks just like the one my mom downloaded from the internet.

3. Why does it cost so much? It looks pretty easy.

4. Can you do one cheaper without so much detail?

5. Can I get that one you did last year cheaper? You’ve already done most of the work.

6. I did the same thing in Photoshop.

7. You are so lucky to be able to do creative work all day.

8. If you make this for my event, I’ll get you in for free.

9. My kid is a really good artist, too.

10. I would do it myself, if I had the time.



  1. Tiernan Roe wrote:

    Hi David,
    I’ve two more for you that I heard only yesterday. You’re living the dream i.e. not really working and your business is a passion i.e. it;s not a real business at all.
    All the best,

  2. Dr. Rick Kaufman wrote:

    I really enjoy your comments!

    #3….I am a retired dentist…and I did thousands of root canal procedures….and I use that when #3 question surfaces…by saying:
    “Root canals are easy, too….once you know how….and have done a few thousand of them!”

    Dr. Rick

  3. Mike Fonner wrote:

    In my 32 years in business, I’ve heard most of these. I’d like to add another one, whenever you hear one of your products described as “cute”, just know that the person that said it NEVER buys anything!

  4. Dave Sochar wrote:

    Well, I can’t resist:

    It is so nice you have this little dream of yours…

    I’d do it myself, but I’m kinda busy right now.

    I don’t need a designer, I can save money that way.

    You don’t need to design anything, I gave you a photo!

  5. Charles Peek wrote:

    Add this to your list: I saw a cabinet at Walmart that I like. Can you make me one cheaper? I just want a few changes.

  6. dave decker wrote:

    I just love it when someone asks me to make something for them and then says, ” My husband could do it, but he doesn’t have a shop like this one.” To which I always reply, “Really? I thought everyone had a CNC machine in their basement.”

  7. Gene Kelly wrote:

    11. What you should have done is…..

  8. Gary Schmidt wrote:

    I’ve heard nearly all of these comments or some variation of in the past. I’ve learned to squelch my replies, (mostly) count it as ignorance and move forward.Sometimes moving forward means walking away, sometimes it means educating them. GDS


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