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So here we are. We didn’t go over the “fiscal cliff.” And we came up with a not too bad punt on the debt limit thing. Should we be patting ourselves on the back? I guess that all depends on your perspective.

On one hand, we kept the economy from totally tanking again. On the other hand, we still have these issues to deal with because all we did was implement a strategy for postponing the real decisions.

The big problem with this kind of political/economic brinksmanship is that it makes everyone very nervous. And when people are nervous, it’s hard for them to feel comfortable about spending or investing. When people are nervous, they tend to step on purchases.

A while back, I expressed a hope that a more rational approach would be adopted by those who have been given the job of easing all of these economic woes. It would seem that, even if temporarily, this is turning out to be the case. Although when we hear of ideas like minting a one trillion dollar coin and using it to pay off a big chunk of the debt, one has to wonder.



  1. Dave Hazelton wrote:

    So David, is one of your New Years resolutions to live more dangerously in 2013? I would think long and hard before opening a can of worms like this one on any forum.
    Good luck!

  2. woodpuppy wrote:

    It’s like who makes all the rules. Does the President make all the rules? Does Congress makes all the rules? These people were elected by the people. So who is to blame?
    The president, the congress, or the people??? I suggest it is the people!!! Everybody wants something free. Businesses want tax breaks and grants; people want tax breaks and grants, municapalities want grants. I suggest we are all to blame. Lets start pointing the finger at ourselves instead of everyone else.

  3. Tony wrote:

    I wish editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin (Pulitzer Prize originator of Willie and Joe, WWII) was still with us, he would have a ball with the characters presently in our “Governing” bodies. He was from the Greatest Generation, these guys are the “Pass The Buck Generation”.

  4. Howard Van Vlzah wrote:

    It seems that nobody wants to cut any government expenditures, but everybody wants a government that lives within its means. It is obvious that everybody should sit back and look at the irresistible force meeting the immovable object and make a plan to achieve a solution of some kind. Neither side of the issue will be satisfied but our nation will not explode.

  5. Chuck Riccardo wrote:

    Not sure where you are heading with all of this, David. Do you think Obama is doing the right things for the general welfare of the country? Do you enjoy getting 0.8% interest on your savings if you have any, why inflation is three times that? Suggest you stick to the business of woodworking.

  6. Doug wrote:

    Why be boring Chuck? I like this blog just as it is. I enjoy reading others views even when I disagree. Sometimes I get to learn something that way.


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