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Over the years, I have seen a lot of great ideas for products that can be made from wood. Jewelry, cutting boards, games, bottle stoppers, the list is endless. But every now and then I see one that makes me stop short.

The other day, I was perusing the internet when I came across these:

Maple kitchen knives? OK, there are a lot of things that I could think about making from wood. But kitchen knives? On my second glance, I noticed was the gleaming, polished steel cutting edge. Then I started thinking that this might not be a ridiculous as it first sounded. Since our “other” business is a cafe, we use good quality chef’s knives all the time. The most important thing I learned about a chef’s knife is that it needs to “feel good” in your hand. And what better than a nice smooth wood handle? These knives would certainly offer that. And since most of the work is done with the edge, these knives might just be a decent choice. I’m going to be watching for the time when these prototype knives actually become available because I’m at least going to want to try one.

I think these are a great illustration of someone using their imagination to come up with a unique idea that might well become a good selling product.



  1. A.J. Hamler wrote:

    I disagree. These knives are certainly beautiful, and the craftsmanship and engineering of that steel blade and how it joins to the wood is outstanding. (The photography is gorgeous, too.) But there is a seam on both sides between the steel and the wood that would immediately collect goopy stuff. Like meat juices which would seep up into the seam. I don’t care how carefully and by what means you’d clean them, but I couldn’t imagine any way to use these on a regular basis without inadvertently creating an ongoing science experiment.

  2. Chuck Riccardo wrote:

    Never thought of making a handle for professional Knives – I think there is something to your idea!

  3. Donald Estes wrote:

    So, what you mean is Maple wood HANDLED KNIVES, not “MAPLE KITCHEN KNIVES”, SO, you have never heard of “WOOD HANDLED KNIVES” ?, YOU REALLY SHOULD GET OUT OF THE SHOP MORE OFTEN.

  4. Dezri Dean wrote:

    The cleaver at least will take less metal! Like A.J. I too am concerned about the design. All of the handles I’ve made a recreations for old knives.

  5. Nancy Kroes wrote:

    Totally with AJ on this one. They are beautiful, but they’d be something I’d display, not use. Wondering if Donald clicked the link to look at the maple knives.


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