American-made tools?

The question was asked in a reply to one of my posts, “Do you have an American-made tool in your shop?” The short answer is, yes.

Most of my machines are American made. My main table saw is a 1950’s vintage Unisaw. My 8″ jointer is a pre-50’s Delta but missing the original stand. I’ve got two old Delta shapers, a Powermatic 16″ planer and 18″ band saw, an old Atlas drill press and a DeWalt radial arm saw. About half of my routers and hand-held sanders are older, made in America Porter-Cable and Black & Decker units. My lathe is also an older Delta machine.

Some of my equipment is newer. A Felder (not made in China!) slider/shaper combo. My chop saw is an Omga, made in Italy. My dust collection system is made by Murphy Rogers. The Ingersoll Rand compressor and Binks spray rig are both at least old enough to be American made and so are many of my hand-held power tools like a SkillSaw, a reciprocating saw and a “hole hog” as well as several other hand-held drills.

Yes, I do have some “made somewhere in Asia” tools. Most of my hand tools are of Japanese origin. But these are traditional “artisan made” chisels, planes and saws, not cheap factory made knockoffs. I also have plenty of Chinese-made tools. Anything made after 1980 is almost assuredly made in China. Routers, sanders, drill/drivers… well that list could go on forever. But the point is that I have gone out of my way to avoid buying that stuff even when it carries an American badge.



  • Dave H. says:

    I’ve been putting together a list of American companies that still manufacture tools here in the USA…its a work in progress and to date there are over 40 manufacturers that I’ve found.

    Most are various types of hand tools, including woodworking tools but the list also includes shop tools, power tools (a few), automotive tools & more.

    The reality about corporations these days is that we are truly in a global economy, and many manufacturers produce goods in many different countries, so its sometimes difficult to know if something is made in the USA without looking on the box for the (required) country of origin.

    You can browse the list here:

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