Another safety interlude

There has been another gruesome story circulating about someone getting seriously injured while using (or misusing) a woodworking tool.

In this case it was a hand-held power carving unit. The guy using it lost control and ended up nearly getting his throat cut.

According to a report, the guy was holding the grinder in his right hand and a bowl in his left. When he touched the grinder to the bowl, it left his right hand, struck his left hand, hit his chin, then left a nasty gash around his neck to just below his right ear.

The injured party has been very forthright in admitting that he had read the safety precautions that accompanied the tool and then proceeded to ignore them.

It’s another reminder to us all to be aware of and protect ourselves from the hazards of what we do without a second thought every day.



  • Doug Darter says:

    You cannot protect against stupidity.

  • John Brooks says:


    I have a nick on my middle finger from a table saw that reminds me what to do when I feel nervous about an operation: change the operation. The time spent pays huge dividends over lost time–and other things–to an injury. Not always easy when one is in a hurry or under the gun . . . then I look at my finger. I was lucky. One second I was working along happily, next second I was holding a clenched fist against my chest, a warm feeling spreading in my hand, and no idea how much finger was left.

    I do know a great orthopedic surgeon in Bangor, but that is another story.


  • Ed Richards says:

    I assume that this was a angle grinder with a “carving” attachment mounted on it. The name should have been a clue. It is a scary looking tool.

    I was sanding a small, 2″ x 4″ piece of burl when the sander caught and jumped a short distance to my hand and put a 3″ gash just below my thumb. I know better, but— ya can’t fix stupid.

    Ed Richards

  • Glenn W. says:

    Perhaps the government should mandate that this tool incorperate an auto braking device to prevent us “woodworkers” from injuring ourselves. What the heck, another $300.00 bucks tacked on to the price of the tool should cover it.

    But then again, that might be like taking money right out of some lawers wallet.



  • Jim says:

    With any machine I use (table saw, sander…portable or stationary…planer, shaper, joiner) I always ask myself, out loud, “Where are your hands?” So far, that’s worked for me. But maybe I’m not entirely immune to “stupid”, either!

  • Charles M says:

    Today people are looking for someone else to blame for not using their head. It is always easure to say it not my falult. There is risk in life and a person need to decide which ones they are willing to take and be accountable for making the decision. It seem like common sense is in short supply today and the legal profession and our government seem to feed on that.

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