Copycats beware

We’ve had quite a few comments on the subject of copying. There are a lot of terms for this, forgery, plagiarism, etc.


Obsessive compulsive disorder, defined as a person who repeatedly needs to perform certain routines or has difficulty throwing things out. Sound familiar?

Not quite

In a reply to my recent post about a customer requesting a copy of another woodworker’s piece, my point may have been missed.

An odd situation

The political climate is off the rails, but the stock market is reaching new heights.

No thanks

A customer came into my shop with photos of a piece made by a well known woodworker.

What’s more important?

Those who run small woodworking shops (or any small business for that matter) have to wear many hats. My rack has hats that say foreman, designer, planner, computer programmer and tech support.

Tis’ the season

Many shops produce smaller items, things like cutting boards, pepper mills, candlesticks and boxes, the list is long. And this is the time of year when most of those items get sold.

Need more than one?

The hardest thing for me to do is to make more than one of anything. I learned this, and an important concept, many years ago.

Taster’s choice

A while back, I came across a discussion on using ground coffee and epoxy as a wood filler. I began to wonder how various coffees would react under this kind of use.


It would seem that, by now, everyone is familiar enough with email scams that we should not be falling for them.