Does not compute

The buzz over the last couple of weeks is that there are some indications that the economy is picking up a bit.

Oddly enough, this comes at precisely the moment when “those in the know” were predicting a slump caused by our government’s apparent inability to agree on anything, resulting in the triggering of a scenario so ridiculous that no one in their right minds would ever let it happen, known as “the sequester.”

Despite predictions of instant economic disaster, the stock market is hitting all-time highs and there is even talk of the housing market regaining something of a foothold. Of course, these indicators are much more favorable to those now known as the top two percent and many on the lower end of the spectrum are already feeling the pinch. But most of us in the woodworking business tend to cater to the higher income levels. And when these people are feeling a bit safer and maybe a bit more flush, they tend to start thinking about newer and better stuff. That’s good for us. We love to hear people say, “These cabinets have got to go!” or “Can’t we do something about that old table?”

I would never presume to try and predict what will happen next. But right now, the sequester is showing signs of earning a spot in history with the end of the world and Y2K predictions.

The world might just keep on turning, at least for a while yet.



  • Dave Sochar says:

    I do think that if one were to take a snapshot of any point in history, and talk to those ‘in the know’ – impending doom would be the common thread. If not that, then ‘kids these days…’

    What is alarming about recent events is that we have achieved a state or perpetual war, a goal of the Pentagon after Viet Nam. Americans can go about their business without the hardships or problems normally associated with war. Of course, the Trillions of dollars spent on our last 11 years of two wars not only would have eliminated the National debt, but also improved the lives of all Americans.

    The current gridlock/mixed message is now training us to lower expectations and further accept what we are told. Ironic that the Arab Spring toppled several governments, but here, no one bothers to get out in the street, or even write their representatives.

    Sorry to be so heavy, but since the economy affects us all, war and lobbyist induced gridlock also have their ramifications.

  • Chuck Riccardo says:

    Perhaps we can get some of the political pundits to write about woodworking since there is so little of it written here… But then, I guess they wouldn’t be good at it, not knowing much about it….

  • A.J. Hamler says:

    Chuck: I can’t imagine anything that affects professional woodworkers more than the current state of the economy.

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