Hot or not

Here in the California central valley, we all assume that the summer is going to be hot. We are used to week-long heat waves with triple digit temps.

During these times, you can wake up at 2:30 in the morning and it’s still 85 degrees. That’s the “evening cooling.” After a few days of that, everything is hot. The roads, the buildings, the earth itself have all become a giant heat sink.

And the shop is no exception. We open everything up and run huge fans to move the air but sometimes it’s like a blast furnace because the air is so hot. Climate control is simply not practical in a concrete tilt-up building and even if it was, the cost would be prohibitive.

During these times we try to start work at five or six in the morning and get out of there by two in the afternoon. Around here, the peak temps are hit late in the day. The temp just kind of creeps up all day and we finally have to flee for home where the AC is keeping things within reason. Even then, it seems to take hours for your body to cool down.

But these last few summers have been unusual. We have had a few hot spells but none lasting more than a few days and they have been interspersed with weeks of moderate temperatures. It’s a bit unnerving because you can never be sure what you are going to get.

I’m not complaining because I have always preferred to have to figure out how to get warm when it’s cold out than the other way around. So I go to work in a tee shirt but I bring a sweater along just in case.



  • Dave Sochar says:

    I’ll take this opportunity to brag, since it is rare that one can brag about Midwest summers. It is about 81 today, and about 25% RH. It has been in the mid 50’s every night for almost a week, and dry. We had a very cold Winter – 20 degrees below the average, but here in the summer it is paying off by being about 10 -14 degrees cooler. And low humidity.

    Normal for this time of year is around 90, with humidity to match. Often just breathing will break a sweat.

    My shop is well air-conditioned. I like it around 68 or so, with the RH at 30% in the summer, I tell myself it is good for the wood and that is certainly true. But is also good for the two of us that work in there.

    On a beastly humid and hot day, the shop is the best place to be by far.

  • Patrick McCrary says:

    Wait a minute. That kind of goes against your theory pertaining to global warming. By the way; most of those scientists that condone this theory are only doing so in order to acquire new research grants. Many have already been caught falsifying their numbers to further this charade. I suggest that in the future; you should stick to topics that you know something about. None of us care to hear your opinions on anything other than woodworking.

  • A.J. Hamler says:

    Patrick, it seems to me that David is doing exactly what you’ve requested: talking about woodworking. Methinks that David may not be the one with an axe to grind.

  • Gary Coyne says:


    You do realize that the exact same companies that are coordinating and guiding the “there is no global warming” were the same companies that said there is NO relationship between smoking and cancer.

    But think about what you’re suggesting: that the grant moneys is more of a draw than the moneys the oil, coal, and other fossil fuel companies stand to reap because they are currently free to not have to worry about the mess their energies make.

    The science behind global warming is as convincing and real as gravity. Ignore it at your own risk.

  • Andy says:

    Gary, you need to look at George’s comment from the ‘Denying Reality’ post a bit ago. George relies on FACTS and specific information in his comment. You have relied on none of this and just stating what the media has manipulated you to believe. I beg, implore, pray that you do your own research. Do not be among the ignorant masses that speak without knowing what they are speaking of. Read the paper, books, articles… be critical of all of them. Dissect each, pick out parts that make sense, do not fall for selling fear tactics. This goes well beyond the simple (and over used) climate debate to just life. But to your point, have you wondered why they changed the name from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’? This alone should make you question what people are telling you. If it was actually global warming, why would they need to change the name? Facts, facts, facts, not hearsay and blindly believing. Be critical of the world/media around you and think for yourself!

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