I’m not that old!

OK, I’m not a young man anymore and I become less so with each passing year. But, like the Energizer Bunny, I’m still going. And at a pretty good clip, too.

I feel fortunate to have arrived at 2014 and to still be working when most of my contemporaries are looking for the recliner. But each year, it seems to get a little harder to maintain the pace. The little aches and pains that used to go away after a day’s rest and a hot bath now just ease up a bit but never really go away.

I am in awe of my father-in-law who, at 96, still shovels ice and snow off of his front walk at six in the morning. I have 30 years to go to reach that point and I wonder if I’ll still be lugging boards back to the shop.

I’ve already decided that I will never retire. I just cannot imagine my life without making things. Those things might get a bit smaller and take a bit longer but it’s too much a part of who I am to think about not doing it anymore. It’s not like the work of many, unfulfilling and unsatisfying and gratefully abandoned at the first opportunity.

Sometimes I think about what it would have been like to have spent my life working at a desk in a bank or something. But that would have driven me nuts even though it might have been less painful!



  • Dave Hazelton says:

    Hang in there David, I can relate totally to what you are saying.
    My wife tells me that old age is always 15 years older than I am now.

  • Paul Miller says:

    Well, I know how you feel, having just turned 64. But, it really is a lot easier today than it was 20 years ago, for a lot of reasons. I hope some day I can be like Sam Maloof, die at 93 still turning our fantastic work. There is still so much to do and learn.

  • Rich says:

    You can retire and not give up making things. After you retire making things is a heck of a lot more fun!

  • Jon Grace says:

    Agreed, David.

    I turned 50 last Fall & have been working heavy commercial construction full time since around age 21.Also part time cutting firewood/general tree removals/other forest work year-round for own use,occasionally for hire since I was 17 & woodworking/milling blocks & specialty lumber for turning etc for extra cash slso. All that activity has kept me in good shape,but the past few years its starting to take a toll finally.Still I enjoy it very much & haven’t lost my passion for any of it yet.Starting to slow down a little now & hope to continue this for another 8-10 years if health remains good,until I can retire.

    I would’ve gone nuts in working an office environment all those years,the weather and the up/down of the local building industry can be difficult at times,but its been a great life that I have no regrets over…

    One day at a time is my motto!!

  • Doug says:

    Enjoyed your article. Sounds like me. I will never be just sitting around.

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