Have you been following the buzz surrounding the Gibson guitar company? Recently, two dozen (that’s right, two dozen!) armed federal agents wearing bulletproof vests raided the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville. The feds were after contraband in Gibson’s factories, ebony and rosewood they suspected was illegally imported from India.

Man oh man, could we have a good old rip roaring time with this one! OK, obviously we do need to be more concerned about husbandry and conservation. And yes, Gibson is an American company, one of the few still operating in America and employing skilled Americans. So everything needed for a good argument is there. Maybe they did import wood illegally and maybe not… hard to say for sure since no charges have been filed against the company.

But a full on raid by an army of armed and vested feds? What did they think? The Gibson employees had a pile of Uzis hidden away back in the spray booth that they would grab and use to defend their stash of fingerboards and guitar necks?

It seems like a couple of tough looking guys with buzzed haircuts driving an unmarked black Ford sedan and flashing badges would have been a sufficient force to accomplish a mission of this nature. Sometimes it is no surprise to me at all that we are going broke.



  • Yikes! A few years ago I built two 20′ canoes from Gabon Ebony. Should I turn in the 45 bdf I had left over immediately without a fight or make a run for the border? Wonder if I can get a “deal” if I turn states evidence as to my supplier was? (Sorry WoodCraft, the pressure was just too much and after 2 days I caved. Dang those E.I.T.s anyway!) Should I warn the clients who own the canoes that they are next? Guess I’ll stick with southern yellow pine from now on; just as long as I plant, harvest, and mill it myself. Oh, and not near wetlands, my neighbors picturesque view, or inside the city limits of course! It can’t be long now, I fear the end is near.

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