Viewer discretion is advised

It seems like every woodworker now has a YouTube channel, which has me a little worried.

Cyber loafing

There have always been ways for your employees to goof off. I’ve had plenty of discussions over the misuse of distracting devices, typically personal stereos and cellphones. Now it’s the smartphone, the ultimate distraction.

Favoring a path

My post about illegal immigration is the hands down winner for generating comments. That’s a good thing because intelligent discussion is the heart and soul of democracy. No one should expect total agreement regardless of position.

Finding flaws

How many times have you produced a perfect piece? For me, it’s rare because I am always seeing ways that things could have been done better.

Hard to handle

I have been hard pressed not to get political with my postings. But sometimes, an issue arises that is simply too important to ignore.

Copycats beware

We’ve had quite a few comments on the subject of copying. There are a lot of terms for this, forgery, plagiarism, etc.


Obsessive compulsive disorder, defined as a person who repeatedly needs to perform certain routines or has difficulty throwing things out. Sound familiar?

Not quite

In a reply to my recent post about a customer requesting a copy of another woodworker’s piece, my point may have been missed.

An odd situation

The political climate is off the rails, but the stock market is reaching new heights.

No thanks

A customer came into my shop with photos of a piece made by a well known woodworker.