On the right side of the tracks

Anyone in business can tell you that keeping your overhead under control is essential. Although the consensus among economists is that we are not experiencing inflation per se, the cost of everything is steadily rising.


Sometimes it seems like the hardest part of running a business is keeping everything working.

Business or serious hobby

Woodworking is a skill set that not everyone possesses. Those that do get a great deal of satisfaction from it. So much so that many decide to turn their hobby into a business.

‘Smart’ tools?

I guess it was only a matter of time. Toolmakers are developing smartphone apps that can communicate with their tools to alter settings, like the speed of a drill or the movement of an orbiting sanding pad.

It’s been done

How many times has this happened? You get an idea. It’s brilliant! You can’t wait to start on it. This might even be “the one” that makes you rich and famous.

That little voice

I recently finished a project and, as usual, stood back to give it a final once over. I noticed something that could stand a bit of tweaking.

Transparent wood?

Science is amazing but it can also be somewhat absurd. Hard to imaging why anyone would even want to make wood transparent but it’s been done.

Like old friends

We have become accustomed to working with machinery. Actually, that’s an understatement. Machines are an integral part of our lives both in the shop and out.

A must have

Almost every shop has a compressor. But few have a vacuum pump, which is little more than a compressor that runs backwards.

It can happen

A recent comment about the unlikeliness of a dust explosion got me thinking about how accidents happen. The idea that it is unlikely or that, as many say, it has never happened before is no guarantee that it will not happen.