Asked and answered

Woodworkers are an interesting group. We tend to really enjoy our work and appreciate the skills of others, but sometimes our egos get in the way.

My only problem

I always get a kick out of the typically loose interpretation of the word “only,” such as a gallon of gas is only three bucks.

It takes two?

There have been a couple of comments recently to the effect that when you buy a new tool, you should buy two. The logic being that the thing is going to crap out on you and it will do so at the worst possible moment.

Gut feelings

Years ago, I was driving with my family on a winding road that had a very rocky shoulder. I saw a car coming around a bend from the other direction and I suddenly drove off the road with the car thumping over the rocks and my wife and kids looking at me like I was […]

On the right side of the tracks

Anyone in business can tell you that keeping your overhead under control is essential. Although the consensus among economists is that we are not experiencing inflation per se, the cost of everything is steadily rising.


Sometimes it seems like the hardest part of running a business is keeping everything working.

Business or serious hobby

Woodworking is a skill set that not everyone possesses. Those that do get a great deal of satisfaction from it. So much so that many decide to turn their hobby into a business.

‘Smart’ tools?

I guess it was only a matter of time. Toolmakers are developing smartphone apps that can communicate with their tools to alter settings, like the speed of a drill or the movement of an orbiting sanding pad.

It’s been done

How many times has this happened? You get an idea. It’s brilliant! You can’t wait to start on it. This might even be “the one” that makes you rich and famous.

That little voice

I recently finished a project and, as usual, stood back to give it a final once over. I noticed something that could stand a bit of tweaking.