Where’s the battery?

I used to get frustrated when I would go shopping for toys for my kids. “Sold separately” was always the kicker.

Asked and answered

Recently, a reader asked, “When I meet someone new and they learn I build custom furniture, it usually takes only a moment before they ask if I can build such and such, and what would it cost? How do you handle this?”

On my own

A while back, I suggested using WordPress as a basis for a website. I still think this is a good way to go. The problem is that, when you manage your own site, you are kind of, well, on your own.

One miracle, please

We hear a lot these days about terror and terrorists. But sometimes it seems like we are being terrorized by our own government.

The deciding factor

We are often presented with so many options that it becomes close to impossible to make a decision. Perhaps you, too, have been overwhelmed by the choices when buying a machine or picking a cellphone provider, for example.

Negative energy

It has been theorized and maybe even proven that everything is made up of energy: the solar system, the human body, even a woodworking shop.

Shut it down!

Not talking about the Beach Boys song. But I find myself thinking that the maturity level of our current leaders is far below the level implied in that song.

Too close for comfort

My last post about alarm systems turned out to be timely. The day after I posted it, my neighbor who runs a small grocery store/deli, got robbed.

Feeling safer

Those of us who have shops containing many thousands of dollars worth of tools, equipment and materials often worry about someone breaking in and making off with some (or all) of it.

WordPress is a great solution

My last post about doing things for yourself has led me to address a very specific need for any modern business: the need for a good web site.