Get it in writing

Many years ago a lawyer friend told me that if you don’t get it in writing, you have nothing. If someone refuses to sign an agreement, you can bet they don’t intend to keep it.

Where did it go?

Many years ago, I was building a desk and needed a large ogee edge detail for the top. Obviously a shaper job but I had no cutters that size.

Yes, they’re a must

In a reply to my last post, it was suggested that “a preliminary, or more formally, presentation drawing can be a real problem solver …” and this is unarguable. Improvising is not something you do on someone else’s nickel.

What keeps me going

Most of my projects have been one-off designs, often based on an idea that just popped into my head. While I know how to make it work, I haven’t always factored the budget correctly.


Research and development is a very professional sounding term for the process of making mistakes.

On the Internet

In a reply to a recent post, the question was asked, “Where do you find plans and components for something like that?”


Well, here we go again. China reports less than stellar sales and pow, down goes the stock market.

A diversion

I’ve always found it refreshing to take a break from the business of woodworking every now and then, especially for those special projects that involve your family and friends.


We’ve barely settled in and there’s a threat of another global recession.

Imagine that

We know so much about the human machine, how it works, what the parts do and how they interrelate. But we still don’t understand what really makes it go.