Quit messing around!

If I had a crew that was as incapable of getting their job done as our current Congress seems to be, I would fire the lot.

We were just getting back on track as customers were starting to feel a little more comfortable and not worrying as much about purchases. Now we’re in another stall.

I cannot get the term “radical extremists” out of my head. It refers to those who let their personal agenda interfere with their ability to reason. They will go to any extreme for their cause, even to the extent of destroying themselves on the off chance that they might take something they dislike with them.

That is exactly how I see the current disfunction in our government. The ability to rationally compromise seems to have been completely lost. And it’s hurting us.

We seem to have forgotten that our form of government is based, not on personal agendas, but on the common good. I can’t speak for anyone else but I am finding this all very unnerving, depressing and a bit scary.



  • Gary Coyne says:

    Completely agree. From the day that Obama came into office, there have been a crew in both the Senate and the House that committed themselves to hold up anything that he puts forth no matter who or how many gets hurt. The billions of dollars that have been wasted by their actions is a tragic shame.

    Several years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Washington DC and as I went from museum to museum, each docent talked about how the whole concept of our form of government is based on compromise and to seek a goal for the greater good. If only these knuckleheads could take a few minutes from their obfuscation meetings to see what makes our country great.

    But then again, it’s us that votes them in.

  • Dan Levin says:

    I agree that there is a lot of covert stuff going around, much of which isn’t for our eyes. However, after the HUGE buildup prior to the Olympics in Sochi, it would appear that even though there were few if any incidents that were not reported, except for the trouble in the Ukraine, all the posturing wasn’t needed, after all. As you know, the Games went off incident-free, for which we are all very grateful.

  • Rich says:

    Agree but I have way too many politically incorrect comments so I’ll just say

    Happy Valentines Day, belated.

  • John Gresko says:

    So very true, we are entering into the Land of Oz, Scary Oz to be exact. They have drunk the kool-aid and we are on the skids and not on the mend because of them.

    John Gresko

  • Bob De Lancy says:

    I completely agree with David. The folks on Capital Hill are like kids in a sand box… Instead of working together toward a reasonable goal they are more content to throw sand at each other and go home crying for their mommy. I am sick of it, and want to throw them all out!

  • Tom Karaffa says:

    works on both sides of aisle. we are also a system of checks and balances. sorry i can’t say more i gotta go to work!

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