Sequester your sanity

You are going to need it. It has been pointed out by many, including a number of readers of this blog, that I am no economist.

I have a very simple, literal view on the economy. Things like, if it’s based on growth rather than sustainability, it will fail. But, as Arlo Guthrie said halfway through “Alice’s Restaurant,” that’s not what I came here to talk about.

I am really here to vent about the “sequester.” It has supplanted the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling as the current huge dip in the economic rollercoaster we have been riding for several years now.

When the buzz is that the economy is improving, people tend to believe it. Everything seems to brighten up. The phone rings and customers are asking about a new dining table or kitchen upgrade. But then the airwaves fill with the doom about the next big financial crisis – in this case, the sequester – and bam, the line goes dead. The stock market is falling. China wants its money. And the only people who call are selling insurance or collecting bill payments.

This is starting to make my head hurt! I’m thinking instead of worrying about whether or not to ban assault weapons, we should think about banning news. Or at least what passes for it these days.



    Watching the daily news is almost always Depressing!!
    If the News media can’t find some Disaster or mass murder to report on they make up soome Disaster of past mass murder to hash over!!!!
    As for the Sequester; have you written your Congress person; to let them know that they put this problem on line and they need to fix it NOW!!
    It was a bad move when they voted on it and now they need to correct the problem.

  • BillJ says:

    David, it appears you have more insight then those dispensing the “truth.” Belief in Occam’s Razor is no vice. We need to focus on the job at hand and satisfy our customers. Beyond that, there is nothing we can do for the rest of the world.

  • BigStick says:

    Years ago the new was a half hour. Now its over and over with the same crap. Nothing but murders and fires, drug deals and assaults. The switch is the last resort for sanity. Cant watch a show because there is a drug commercial ever 8 minutes. They talk about the super bowl commercials but ever day is a real killer. More problems are created because of too much news information.
    The old saying “no news is good news”

  • ronert says:

    I don’t understand the excitement that is coming from the “sequester” either. I had to layoff all my employees in 2009 and find everytime the news has something negative to say it effects my client list. I too would go for banning the media from all gloom and negatives and maybe we all might come out of this in great shape.

  • So glad you said this. I totally agree and have been on that roller coaster!

  • Jack says:

    It does get depressing, and you can’t just blame the President and democrats, though my pendulum does swing that direction more than the other way. The national debt, and wanting to increase it more, is out of absolute control. But they want to increase it for all the same reasons that put us there in the first place. Actual numbers have been reduced to a vocalized statement that most people don’t seem to grasp. 17 trillion dollars is the national debt. In terms of Visa cards with a limit of $1,000,000, that’s million each, that equates to 17 million cards maxed out!!! And they have the audacity to say we need more or there’s going to be a catatrophe! When the landlord knocks at the door, can you speak Mandarin?

    Sorry for the rant…Jack

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