The recession is over?

I don’t know maybe I’m just slow or something, but the other day when I heard some people on an NPR newscast saying that the recession had been “over” since some time last year, I almost drove off the road!

These were not just some guys talking but highly respected economic experts who are supposed to know these things. They continued to babble about how things still needed to filter down or something before we would feel the relief. Are these guys kidding themselves? Or are they trying to kid us? Don’t they think that some guy whose unemployment has run out and still can’t find a job no matter how low a wage he is willing to take understands that we are still in trouble?

I am amazed at the talented guys who come around looking for work. I used to dream about hiring guys like this but they were all “taken” and making good livings with steady work. Now here they are and I can’t hire them because the only way I can keep my shop open right now is to do most of the work myself. Not that I mind working but I am beginning to resent being told how much better things are by people who seem to be completely out of touch with reality.



  • Kevin Mack says:

    I too heard this news,luckily I was’nt driving. I share my space ( which I choose to call a shop.)with 7 other woodworkers. 2 of them are fulltimers, the rest split time with another occupation. If your in Banking or education or computer design, things maybe ARE looking brighter. I and my two co- op partners are not so optimistic. I am doing much more for less money.

    Since my business is so closely tied to the housing market, which we know is still reeling from the mortgage crisis, people are not calling. The bulk of my income is made doing odd jobs and refinishing.

    I have exhibited my work for 4 yrs. at the providence fine furniture show,(2 as a student of the NBBS cab. and furniture program.) I have won “best in show” twice, most recently last yr.(Best body of work 2009)I handed out 1500 business cards, spoke to hundreds of people( including someone from your Mag.)and had dozens more sign my contact list book. I did not sell any work at the show or after, did not recieve one phone call related to the show and my follow up with the contacts was disheartening. People are cautiously awaiting a turnaround in their own lives, not A vote of confidence from a high paid analist with a nice t.v. gig.

    My partners ( a cabinetmaker and a G.C.) have seen their income split in half. What sense does it make to invest in a home that is worth LESS than what you paid for it 5 yrs. ago?

    Fine Furniture making is more or less a Want, not a Need industry. I continue to advertise,do shows,Blog,Public access cable Demo’s, write articles for local papers,etc. Reading your mag. has taught me one thing, when times are hard, work harder.This simple mantra has got me thru so far.

    I am an eternal optimist, with a short term memory. The moment I get a call for a commission, I forget about all the work invested in getting it. I give that customer the absolute best price I can, and I happily trudge forward.

    I LOVE what I do. I wouldnt have it any other way. My only wish would be that the phone rang a little more often.

  • Pat Gilbert says:

    You listen to NPR for “news” and you have a problem with them saying that the recession is over?

    Hmm lets see election time is a month away and they are spewing propaganda, what a surprise.

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