The “right” answer

Chuck nailed it for me. There is no one single most important aspect of running a business.

This is probably the biggest problem a business owner faces: Everything is important.

Profitability is essential if the business is going to have enough operation capital. Customer satisfaction is essential to the building of a good reputation. Good people skills are paramount in dealing with both customers and employees, not to mention the army of inspectors and agency representatives, any of whom have the power to make your life miserable should they feel offended or not sufficiently respected.

Then there are management and planning abilities, creative vision, skill, and a huge list of other factors, any of which carry the potential to pull the rug out from under the success of your business.

The old saying about being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none cannot be applied here. You need to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of all!



  • CHRIS BARBER says:

    Man, you said it. When I read “Everything is important”, I about laughed out loud ’cause it hit home so well.

  • Chuck R says:

    Making a buck in woodworking is tough. Many of us learned to love it long before we tried making a living from it, which in truth makes us amateurs – which is the French word meaning ‘lover of’.
    I learned the trade from my cabinetmaker uncle who, frankly, could sell fourth floor elevator buttons to owners of three story buildings.
    I can’t do that – so I knew that I had to make a product that I could sell to someone who had the same love and passion for it that I did. For me, that turned out to be period furniture production. There are passionate buyers out there for any period you wish to specialize in.

    But, whatever you do, you must love it and learn to be the best that you can be. Then, the money will take care of itself.

    AND… there are no building inspectors in the furniture business!!! …

  • Tony says:

    ,,,,,and there sre no inspectors save one in the Traditional Decoy Making Business: The Customer/Collector.

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