The sandwich

I recently ventured a short stint as an economic analyst. That had questionable success so I thought I’d try my hand at psychology.

It might be that your first thought is, “What does psychology have to do with woodworking? And what does a sandwich have to do with either?” So let me explain about the sandwich first.

We used to have a friend who was a bit of a con man. He had also lost his sight, which fit in quite well with his cons. One day, while he was at our house, my wife offered him a sandwich. Of course he accepted and was soon happily munching away. When my wife asked him how the sandwich was, he replied, “Well, it’s not really about the sandwich. It’s about what comes with the sandwich”.

And so it often seems with woodworking projects. Life would be so much easier if the lady that wanted a new set of kitchen cabinets only wanted the cabinets. Or if the guy that wanted a new dining table only wanted that. But the truth is, people are complex and have many agendas that operate simultaneously and more often than not, the wires get crossed. Going into a job with the idea that it’s only about the job can lead right into one of the most common traps in the business of doing custom work.

In my next post, Ill try to explain some of the ways you can get tripped up.



  • Chuck says:

    I prefer my sandwiches and my woodworking blogs – with just a little more meat in them! C’mon, David – you can do better than this!!!

  • George K. says:

    Right on David,
    Many craftspeople shy away from the complexities of sales psychology. In the end though, if you are not giving it away, it’s about about making the sale. Qualifying client needs adequately can make the difference between a satisfied client and a bad referral. Not to mention a lot of wasted time, material and aggravation.

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