Veteran’s Day

Yes, I am a veteran. But I am one of those who had the dubious honor of being a veteran of the only war America ever fought and lost. I have always been somewhat ambiguous about Veteran’s Day. On the one hand I feel that it’s only fitting that we acknowledge the contributions of those who have served their country. But, being completely confounded by the idea of wars in the first place, I can’t quite shake off the sense that we might better serve and honor the memory of those who have been subjected to this horror by making sure that no one ever has to go through that again.

OK, I can already hear people asking, “Just what the hey does this have to do with woodworking?” Well, not a thing actually. Except for the fact that I have gone to my shop and worked on every Veteran’s Day since I became one. Somehow, it seems fitting for me to “celebrate” a day that honors veterans by demonstrating gratitude that, unlike many of my fellow vets, I am still actually able work.

It’s always nice when you see those parades and all of that flag waving and hear the rousing JP Sousa marches. Those guys earned some cudos. But then you go to the bank and it’s closed and all of the government offices are closed and sometimes it seems like the veterans are the only ones who don’t get the day off. I have an idea that might serve veterans better than taking the day off to go see a parade. How about this: any veteran of any war can go to any restaurant, get a steak dinner (OK, there may be some vets who are vegetarian so maybe they can have eggplant or portobello mushrooms) and the taxpaying public, who in some way owe the vets for the fact that are still alive to be taxpayers, pick up the tab. Now that would make me feel “special!”

Now back to woodworking.



  • Darrell says:

    The United States has lost a total of 5 wars to date if you do not count wars fought against the British (War of 1812) and the American civil war. The United States is currently fighting 2 wars and it is unknown if they have won or lost yet. So the number could rise or stay the same depending on the outcome of the current wars or future wars projected that the United States will enter into.

    Seminole Wars first, second and third.

    Also the Korean war was lost due to a stalemate instead of a victory

    Also the Vietnam war was lost due to The North taking over and the South surrendering and United States forces retreating

  • I too and a Nam vet. We didn’t lose the war. Look at Nam today. Capitalist pigs 🙂 even though they don’t have a democracy. The politicians lost the political battle but you will never convince me we lost the war. When I was at “The Wall” this year and having read about to days Vietnam it was evident to me that those guys died giving millions of people a better life. It just took a little time for it to reveal itself

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