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We live in a difficult time. There are serious issues facing all of us even though many of us feel that these issues are either not of any great significance or are not our issues.

Planetary pollution, major environmental changes, declining resources, these are things that affect each and every one of us. Not only can each and every one of us do something about them, it is incumbent on us to do so.

It might not seem like a big deal to toss a truckload of scrap into the landfill. But when there are millions of people tossing truckloads of stuff into the landfill and when much of that stuff contains chemicals and compounds that will leach into the soil, ground water and ultimately into the food chain that nourishes not only us but our children, their children and their children, is might begin to look like a big deal.

It is incumbent on each one of us to be aware of these issues and do what we can to ameliorate them. We can be sure that we are not using materials known to be harmful. We can make the effort to separate shop wastes and make sure that it is disposed of properly. We can avoid using materials known to contain harmful components. And we can educate our customers who may be unaware of the hazards of some of these materials.

The idea that life on earth is like a big monopoly game in which he who has the most wins has resulted in a totally unsustainable system. It is not going to get any better unless we all participate in taking steps to correct the problems. Waiting for some magical technological solution is not going to work.



  • Forrest Call says:

    Spoken like a man who lives in California and is ruled by the Democrat party! Yes!, I want clean air and water. Yes! I believe we need to each do our part to use chemicals responsibly. But, climate change is a politically motivated idea put out there by the Democrat party in order to gain more control and power over us.

  • Tony says:

    I have lost a lot of faith in our government, our elected officials, and people who get paid to solve problems who wind up just collecting their pay. Waiting for these people to do their job is also not going to work.
    Incumbent,ameliorate: my head hurts!

  • D.D. I agree, we live in a difficult time because as Walt Kelly’s 1970 Earth Day Pogo cartoon read. “We have met the enemy and he is us”. Yes, it is us and we are marching (like lemmings) to the beat of big and big’s profit for a few over the good health of people and planet. — I’ve created a not for profit called OHIAS (Our Health Is At Stake). It’s mission is to end waste as we know it today by putting waste to work, putting people who need work to work, putting our communities to work for the benefit of all people and planet. It’s still in the early stages but we are looking for like minded people to support our effort in any way they can beginning their community.

    OHIAS believe’s sustainable communities are the heart of a sustainable planet. So goes Mother’s health, so go her children, you and I, and our children. With this in mind our work is cut out for us. We believe we are doing too little today and relying too much on regional plans that project achievement in some distant, future date, such as zero waste by 2025 and so forth, as well as great hope that science and technology will come to our rescue.

    We promote the following: Cutting excessive consumption of stuff and energy, especially cheap stuff and carefree travel by car and air, slowing consumption of finite resources and destruction of our planets capacity to sustain one’s health and well-being. We are concerned that many of our communities today struggle with unemployment, homelessness, housing, health care and financial stability to name a few, yet all of these can be remedied by establishing a Community Benefit Cooperative where our waste and our people are put to work for the benefit of all people, community and planet. A working model is now being developed here in Marin County that we plan to share with all the world.

    Please consider sharing with friends and family. Thank you.


  • DiAnne Patrick says:

    Excellent post. We should all be working to lower out impact on the environment. After all, we don’t have another place to go if we totally trash planet Earth.

  • Gary Coyne says:

    Hey Forrest! If I’m upstream from you and piss in the river you get your water from, do you want a regulation-loving Democrat or a do-what-you-want Republican in office?

    Every time I see the after effects of an earthquake or a typhoon in a 3rd world country (where building regulations are never a concern), I’m so glad we have them here.

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