Who’s the boss?

We all like to think we are in control. It’s our shop. We decide what jobs will be none and when and who will do them.

It’s our call when it comes to which bills to pay first and who to hire and what time break will be. But, as employers, we need to be mindful of who is really running the show.

We want to hire really good people who can, with a minimal level of direction, take hold of a project and get it done properly and expediently. The problem is that people like this are, more often than not, very motivated and likely to want to be in control themselves. If you are not careful or come to depend just a bit too much on your employees, you might easily wake up one day to the fact that they are actually the ones running things.

I once worked for an architect who wanted those dedicated, hardworking employees. But, he would say, “I don’t want guys who want to be contractors or architects. I want guys who want to be carpenters!” To me, that is a capsule version of what I am talking about here. You may not easily find a person who is content to be a shop worker but who also has to motivation you want to see in your employees. Another dilemma?



  • Chuck R says:

    Off topic – David – I just visited the Grizzly web site – that company is huge!! AND I assume so is Walter Meier – who is buying all those machines that these massive companies are making?? There must be enough jointer produced every year to put one in every living room!!! If you take a look at what Grizzly headquarters looks like you will understand what I am saying. AND they don’t even make the tools in that building – I would guess they are made in Hong Kong, but they don’t talk about that…

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