Work to live?

I have never had a problem with working. Being a fairly high-strung type, it’s always been hard for me to sit still for any length of time.

I got into woodworking because I like to make things. Doing it for a living evolved in a somewhat natural way. I made things and people started offering to buy them or asked me to make something for them. Next thing you know I was in the woodworking business.

Now and then someone makes a comment about how I must love my work. That always gives me pause. I got into this line of work because I liked it. But I never loved making things for other people. I did that because I had to earn a living. What I really liked was making the things that just popped into my head.

So I work to live and support my family. The work I live for? That’s a whole different story.

And no, I don’t love my work. I love my wife. I love my kids. I work for you because I need money. Sorry, but that’s the truth.



  • I do love making stuff but I also have a day job and a family. Finding the right balance between the three is a challenge. I am do love all three in different ways.

  • Chuck R says:

    It shows in your writing, David…

  • Doug Darter says:

    I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a tour guide in Australia about the differences and similarities in our countries. He said to me about work, “You Americans are crazy mate, you guys live to work. Here we work to live”. In many ways he is right. Our society assigns value to a person according to how much money they make not how many hours they put in doing volunteer work for example.

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