World domination?

Yes, world domination seems to be the only worthy goal remaining. Oh, I know, it’s been tried before.

Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, the Greeks and Romans, Shaka Zulu, Napoleon, Hitler and many others exhausted their life’s energy attempting to rule the world. They all discovered the same thing. It is simply not possible to spread a limited amount of physical resources over such a vast area.

But they did not have computers! With everything linked by computer, we now have a massive effort being made to establish world domination economically. Big corporations are getting bigger, swallowing up the smaller ones, merging with their peers to form even bigger corporations, controlling more and more of the world’s resources. Corporate profits are now the main indicator of economic strength. It’s no longer about how the average Joe is doing. If the big guys report big profits, their stocks go up and everyone feels safe and life is good.

There are those of us who still think that doing a good day’s work is something to be proud of. We know our customers by name and understand the symbiotic relationship that makes our coexistence possible. This is not getting any easier as big business becomes the paradigm. I certainly do not envision being swallowed up by a big corporate woodworking operation, but the struggle to not be put under by them is steadily increasing.



  • Chuck R says:

    And speaking of ‘those of us’, I wonder just how many ‘those of us’ there are these days and what it is we do to put bread on the table?
    How about speaking up, fellas?!

  • Tony says:

    I work as a woodcarver full time. It’s a nitch market,some of my friends don’t believe it is actually work: my bills are paid, my house is paid for, my vehicle is paid for. I’ve become aware of how little work many people actually do in this society. Television commercials constantly encouraging people with “disabilities” to excercise their “right” to compensation (that working taxpayers pay for).
    When the $$ runs out, those who havn’t been working, but have been collecting will be screaming the loudest.

  • Gary Coyne says:

    I am amused by Tony’s comment. It seems that he’s overlooked the issue that the commercial is not for the benefit of the unemployed but rather for the benefit of the people putting out the commercial.

    It’s funny how we “hard working folks” seem to get all riled up about someone getting something while doing nothing is bad if the person is a common folk, like us, but seem to ignore the folks and businesses who are making money hand over fists AND getting tax breaks and paying no taxes to the point that they get more money back than they pay in taxes. You know who pays that money? Yup, us.

    In the 80s there were around 20 billionaires, now there are over a 1000. They are also paying less tax (per dollar earned) than any of us reading this column. But still we buy at Walmart where the vast majority of the employees have to get food stamps so, we (taxpayers) are subsidizing Walmart’s low prices by paying the taxes that the Walmarts are not paying because of tax breaks.

    I find that a lot sadder than some huxter company trying to make money off of people with disabilities, and that’s pretty low as it gets.

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