It’s done

It’s the moment you step back with hands on hips and a smile on your face as you take in your latest creation. It’s done! But, wait a second …

Bathroom break

Sometimes when I need a quick one-time tool or accessory, there’s a better than even chance I’ll find it in the bathroom.

Big bang theory, revisited

Here’s a fact: Shop dust is dangerous. But the likelihood of a dust explosion in a shop is incredibly minimal.

A leaf on the wind

I love the way leaves tumble in a strong wind. Sometime this week leaves, and anything else not nailed down, will start tumbling out of my shop.

What works vs. what’s “right”

I try to be a practical woodworker. As such I tend to favor what works instead of “what you’re supposed to do.” The perfect example is joinery.

Bingo, bango

Woodworkers with spouses who are also woodworkers probably won’t be able to identify with this. The rest of us, though, certainly will.


All woodworkers have a lot in common, but one thing tops the list: splinters.

Road blocks

Ever try to do a simple, basic task, but something – Murphy’s Law, planetary alignment, gremlins, whatever – prevents you from doing so? Yeah, me too.

Glue galore

I just bought glue (yes, alert the media), and got a great deal. Now, it may seem a stretch to get excited over a dollar, but here I go.

Work shopping

We spend a huge amount of our workday, not surprisingly, in the workshop. But when you do this stuff for a living you also spend a lot of time shopping for work.