14 days and counting

Tomorrow it will be exactly 14 days Ė two weeks Ė since Iíve done anything in the shop. Thatís the longest Iíve gone without working out there since I can remember.

My work demands right now are all office-based, and after wrapping up a photo-heavy project on Sept. 7, Iíve barely walked out there. My office, meanwhile, is in the same total-mess state my shop usually is when things are going hot and heavy out there. But while Iím spending hours in the office right now, my shop is quiet and spotlessly clean.

This has happened before, of course, where the assignments and jobs settle out such that more of them are office-bound than shop-bound, but during those times Iíve always done something out there, if only needing to grab a screwdriver and perform a quick household repair or two. This time, though, thereís been nothing to do out there. In fact, when I do get back to doing shop work (which Iíll need to do next week for no fewer than three projects I have to get started on for delivery next month), Iíll probably have to clean up the dust. This time, though, itíll be that regular household dust that settles on unused stuff, not sawdust.

I usually get withdrawal when I go this long without shop work, but for some reason this time around Iím kind of enjoying it. For one thing, I have a ton of office/computer stuff to get done and itís occupying not only my time, but also my overall mindset. For another, itís just a nice break from splinters and a sore back. However, although Iím not going through outright withdrawal, I am starting to get antsy to get back out there.

And when that happens, itíll be back to bedlam-central out in the shop, and my office will be spotless. Opposite sides of the same coin, I guess.



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