Using my head

I always thought my first shop accident requiring medical attention would involve the business end of a power tool. Six stitches and one splitting (literally) headache later, I realize I was wrong.

Winter: Good news/bad news

When spring comes, were all ecstatic. But when the calendar turns cold, as it is now, for some reason we get excited about that, too. Herewith, good and bad news about winter.


Ive had a few woodworking disappointments lately. All were product-related, which is maddening. In one case the product was fine, and the disappointment sort of self-induced.


My shop redo was going swimmingly. The operative word there, of course, is was.

A.J., his eyes wide

Ive used nailers for years, but after all this time I have finally realized just how handy they are. And its like a revelation.


When youre about to undergo a project, does simply looking forward to it morph into anticipation, and then quickly become unfulfilled obsession? Does me.


A tool is a tool is a tool. But add some bell or whistle to that tool, and it immediately becomes a must-have item. At least the marketing people must think so.

Hey boo-boo

Ive never had a major injury in my shop*, and with strict attention to safety procedures I hope I never will. But what about those little injuries?