A mark of quality

Iíve opined here before that dovetails are not necessarily the be-all and end-all of fine joinery, nor does woodworking including it automatically become quality workmanship.

Christmas list

Dear Santa, Iíve been a very good boy this year. Well, pretty good. Mostly pretty good.

On the level (Kickback, part 2)

Last time I opined that my kickback incident might have been caused by vibration that allowed a piece of offcut to move into the blade. Iíve confirmed it.


I had my first real kickback incident this weekend. I didnít like it. I donít want another.

Breaking the rules

Donít you love it when you see someone break the rules, and then watch as they get nailed for it? Me, too. Of course, itís all a matter of perspective.

Good-bye to some not-so-old friends

For the last few months Iíve enjoyed using not one, but four great saws that arenít mine. Now the time has come for them to go back, and parting is indeed sweet sorrow.

A total gas

About a month ago I discussed my decision to install a gas heater in my shop. Well, the deed is done, and I couldnít be happier. Thought youíd like an update.

Down for the count

Have you ever made a really dumb mistake very early in a piece your were making, but you made the mistake so well that even though you continued looking at it right through the projectís completion that you never noticed? Till too late?


With the last weekend in November on tap, we give thanks for many things right about now. I have a few that are woodworking related.

Spouse value

There are three kinds of values. The actual value in cost defined by how much money exited your wallet, and the perceived value of how well your money will be put to use are two. The third is the spouse value.