Rough sailing

Woodworking is inherently dangerous, sometimes in ways we don’t expect. For example, while working a sheet of plywood yesterday I almost wrecked somebody’s car.

The etymology of shop cannibalism

Words are great. Between my broadcasting and publishing careers, I’ve made my living by either speaking them or writing them.

In the bottle

I have little interest in wineries, other than they’re pretty interesting places.  However, Sally and I recently visited a local winery of more than passing interest for this beer drinker.

Shop visits

Because I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, all my woodworking friends are located elsewhere. Getting to visit one of their shops, which I did this weekend, is always a treat.

Going small vs. going cheap

I need a small tool to cut out tight curves and circles, but it looks like only two solutions exist: Good, but expensive; or pure junk but reasonably priced.

Color my world

Once upon a time, tools – like cars – came in just one color, usually the metallic gray of their metal casings.

Origin of species (part 2)

Last time I spoke about woodworking tools and materials, and how we had to research them more carefully than ever. This time, here’s what the manufacturers have to do.

Origin of species (with apologies to Charles Darwin)

Like it or not, we’re a global economy. I fully understand the “buy American” sentiment, but that’s a political stance. I look at it from a more practical stance.