A bonding experience

What David DeCristoforo says in his Feb. 22 blog (Sanding: A bum rap) is true. Sanding seems to be the most reviled of shop tasks among woodworkers. Ive never understood that.

Feeling the pinch

There are many ways to secure batteries to cordless tools, but among the most common are the pinch type, with separate release buttons on opposite sides. I hate those.

Big bang theory

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding shop danger, and I put shop dust explosions in that group.

Gas heater update

A while back, I told you about my new shop gas heater. With this being one of the harshest winters weve had, Im loving it.

Hammer time

When I travel, I hit every antique store I see. When I do this, I buy things.

On the road

Im traveling now, writing this on a laptop in my hotel room. As with most trips, its been a series of unfamiliar places and faces, but I enjoyed a bit of familiarity last night.

Picture perfect

If you lost your shop I mean everything, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling would you be able to accurately reconstruct its contents?