Feeling guilty

The Big Box stores are here to stay, while corner hardware stores disappear. Thatís just the way it is. Iím not happy about it, but Iím helping it happen. So are you.


For a recent project I wanted the look of shellac but needed the strength of polyurethane. Couldnít get it quite right, so I cheated.

Thank goodness for synergy

Iím not real good at a few woodworking tasks, but you know what? I do OK, and thanks to synergy that works out just fine.

Tools A.J. should never use

Iíve discussed lately how Iím a canít-leave-well-enough-alone kind of guy. Folks of my type shouldnít use certain tools, for mostly obvious reasons.

Remembering the little things

For every big task thatís easy to remember, there are dozens that easily slip your mind. Paying the mortgage falls in the former category; changing smoke detector batteries falls in the latter.

Just tell me why

Hereís a simple question: Why make a free-hand cut on a table saw? Ever?

Rushiní roulette

One of the biggest causes of woodworking accidents is not taking your time. Rushing the job is also the main cause of sloppy work.