For good measure

Ever measure something perfectly Ė more than twice Ė before you cut, but afterward find that the component just doesnít fit? I hate when that happens.

The tool you donít want

I bought a major new tool yesterday that cost about $600. Tool gloat? Nope. The tool I got was a monkey wrench.


What do you do when you have too many things for the available space? Something has to go, thatís what. Like in those lifeboat movies where they pick someone to go over the side.

Scraping by

Scraps are good things; I mine my scrap barrel for gold frequently. But scrapes are a whole ínother thing.

What you like; what they like

Iím building a number of projects Ė decorative boxes Ė for the holidays, and Iím in a quandary. Do I make them to please me, or to please the recipients?

Stick to it

I got roped into going to a craft show this weekend, something I normally hate. But I did notice something that I hope is a trend.

Woodworking, without all the work

Online information is great for woodworkers who want to learn more. But for nonwoodworkers who donít want to invest the time to really learn? Not so much.

Voting with me feet

Itís Election Day everywhere, and I am heartily sick of political advertising. On the plus side, itís chased me out into the shop.