There’s an old saying that a good writer can write about anything, whether he knows anything about it or not. A decade ago, that described Brian Caldwell.

Hidden treasure

Part of the process of working on my shop redo was emptying some boxes that had been stored in the old cabinets. Inside one I found buried gold.

Blind ambition

Although it was only tangentially related to woodworking, I had a marvelous experience this week I thought you’d enjoy hearing about.

Shop comfort

I work better when comfortable, whether at my computer or in the shop. How I create the environment makes all the difference.

Unkind cuts

I hope the way I work isn’t inherently dangerous, because for some reason I manage to cut myself constantly.

There’s a reason they’re truisms

As with legends and myths, there’s always at least some fact behind adages, maxims, old saws and truisms. I proved it this week, twice.

Consider it done

Well, my major shop renovation is done. The cabinets came out great and I couldn’t be more pleased.