ďThe gameís afoot, Watson.Ē

And with those words, Sherlock Holmes delved into another mystery. Iím no Sherlock, but Iíve got a woodworking mystery. Want to help solve it?

Window on the world

About once a year I like to do a major shop improvement. Well, itís about that time again and Iíve got the itch.

A very positive review

I happened upon one of my pieces last week I hadn’t seen in a long time, and admired the workmanship. In this case, though, the workmanship wasn’t mine.

The real world of Hollywood

Hollywood is pretty much all make-believe, with not much connection to the real world, right? Well, not always.

SawStop? Please, just stop.

Iíve seen few debates with as much vitriol than that over SawStop. The question is, why?

Decisions, decisions

I know this has happened to you: You need to choose between two things of equal value on a project, but you just canít decide.