Selective affection

I don’t like to carve. But wait, carving is woodworking and I love woodworking, so I should like carving, right?

Woodworking Antiques

If you’re a regular reader, you know I love antique examples of woodworking. I still do, but some “antiques” I happened across this past weekend took be by surprise.


At last, something I predicted years ago seems to be happening: Someone other than SawStop is seriously working on flesh-detection technology to minimize table saw injuries.

14 days and counting

Tomorrow it will be exactly 14 days – two weeks – since I’ve done anything in the shop. That’s the longest I’ve gone without working out there since I can remember.

Unwelcome imports

The U.S. woodworking industry is being invaded by imports, but I’m not talking about tools. I’m talking about imports of the six-legged kind.

It hasn’t changed

Making an accurate reproduction means re-creating something exactly the way it was centuries ago. But if it hasn’t changed at all, is it really a reproduction?

Rockin’ the joint

Projects often require a particular type of joinery. But when they don’t and the choice is up to you, what do you choose?

Heavy lifting

My shop is a mess, and at the moment you can barely move in it. Fortunately, I mean this in the best way possible.

Make room, make room!

Things are quiet now – holiday weekend, between assignments, shop’s empty with no intention of working out there a few days – but all heck is about to break loose, shop-wise.