Selective affection

I don’t like to carve. But wait, carving is woodworking and I love woodworking, so I should like carving, right?

Woodworking Antiques

If youre a regular reader, you know I love antique examples of woodworking. I still do, but some antiques I happened across this past weekend took be by surprise.


At last, something I predicted years ago seems to be happening: Someone other than SawStop is seriously working on flesh-detection technology to minimize table saw injuries.

14 days and counting

Tomorrow it will be exactly 14 days two weeks since Ive done anything in the shop. Thats the longest Ive gone without working out there since I can remember.

Unwelcome imports

The U.S. woodworking industry is being invaded by imports, but Im not talking about tools. Im talking about imports of the six-legged kind.

It hasn’t changed

Making an accurate reproduction means re-creating something exactly the way it was centuries ago. But if it hasnt changed at all, is it really a reproduction?

Rockin the joint

Projects often require a particular type of joinery. But when they dont and the choice is up to you, what do you choose?

Heavy lifting

My shop is a mess, and at the moment you can barely move in it. Fortunately, I mean this in the best way possible.

Make room, make room!

Things are quiet now holiday weekend, between assignments, shops empty with no intention of working out there a few days but all heck is about to break loose, shop-wise.