The scroll of life

Twice in one month I’ve learned something about how I do woodworking. Like the last time, it was something I don’t handle very well. Darn.

Christmas rush

Here were are only a few days away from Christmas, and I find myself just now getting started on some projects I intend to gift to family.


After woodworking for several decades, you’d think there’d be nothing new to learn about myself when it comes to being in the woodshop. Well, I just learned something.

Idle time

I’ve been working on three major projects simultaneously, and all three were completed within days of each other. Right now I’ve got – gasp! – some time off.

Nothing to sneeze at

They say there are two kinds of woodworkers: Those who are allergic to cocobolo, and those who will become allergic to cocobolo. I think I just switched teams.

Everything’s relative

Back when I had lousy dust collection, little stuff was nothing. Now that I have great dust collection, the little stuff seems like everything.

Moving day

It’s that time of year when everything changes outdoors, which alters what I do indoors in the shop to adjust to the cold.

Button-down job

I like to think I have a well-supplied shop, and for the most part I do. Until I don’t.

A grain of truth

There are two things to understand about wood grain: how it works, and how it looks. But sometimes it ain’t easy to consider both in the same project.

Tanned, rested, ready

Anyone who takes lots of woodshop photos knows that sometimes what comes out of the camera doesn’t quite look like what you took a picture of. That happens a lot when photographing wood.