A light dusting

I just got a definitive example of how efficient my dust collection system is. All it took was shedding some light on it.

Quite a shock

It’s hard to know the potential damage of the Emerald Ash Borer until you see it. This morning, I saw it.

So long, stuff

Getting rid of things I’ve made is never easy. I tend to want to keep it forever, whether I use it or not, and that’s a bad habit.

Nothing wrong with nails

What’s so wrong about using nails? Let me answer that for you: Nothing; nothing at all.

I’d hammer in the morning

You know the old saying: “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” From this woodworker’s perspective, that makes perfect sense.

Should it stay or go?

Getting ready for our big move I have lots of decisions. Chief among them: Do I take the big machines, or sell them and buy replacements at our new place?

First steps

I’ve had a shop or at least a workspace everywhere I’ve lived, but I’ve never set up a new shop 100 percent from scratch. It’s thrilling… and a bit scary. Where do I begin?

Downsized home, upsized shop

As with many folks our age, we’ve been thinking of downsizing our home. But it looks like our downsizing may hold an upsized bonus.

Light fantastic

I don’t do much in the way of tool reviews here, but from time to time I just have to talk about a tools I really like. This is one of them.