My shop build is finally underway, and I couldn’t be happier. Thought I’d share some of the progress.

That’s wife

My wife has retired. Lots of changes there, as you’d expect, including how I work, both in and out of the shop.


What do woodworkers do when they’re stuck somewhere just sitting and waiting? They look around for wood to examine, of course.

We must be doing fine

I’ve stumbled across an economic indicator that analysts and experts never mention. And if the indicator is accurate, the economy must be doing well.

Stupid is as stupid does

Sometimes I can be a knucklehead, even when I’ve planned things so as not to be one. And you’re asking, What stupid thing has he done now?

Playing the odds

Woodworking sometimes plays out like a day in Las Vegas.

The number one rule

Do you know the number one rule of woodworking? For a happy, healthy shop life I hope you do.

Moving miracles

Either I’m extremely lucky, or my movers were top-notch: All my machines are in perfect working order.

A surprising find

I found some interesting woodworking last week in an unexpected place – an otherwise ordinary parking lot guardrail.