Christmas list

Dear Santa, Iíve been a very good boy this year. Well, pretty good. Mostly pretty good.

Iíll keep this short, because I already have just about everything I need or want: a great family, a nice home, good health, a well-equipped shop. I could have gotten hurt last week from that kickback, but didnít. That was an early gift, and if you had anything to do with that, thanks. Ditto for that day last summer when the power went off when I was ripping a workpiece on my table saw, leaving me in total darkness at the most dangerous point of the cut. Nothing happened and that truly was Christmas in July.

However, there are a couple things Iíd like.

Time. I need more time. I never have enough to get projects done. More would be good.

A better memory. Like remembering to measure twice before cutting, remembering to check before gluing a furniture component backward, remembering where I set down one of my dozen tape measures.

Speaking of which, how about some bigger numbers on my tapes and rules, because I think theyíre shrinking. (More than they already were, I mean.)

Better stock lumber at the local Big Box stores. The stuff is getting worse and worse. Yeah, I should go the extra mileage and expense to go to a real lumber monger, but when I need a single 1-by or a piece of plywood in a hurry, it sure would be nice if they had something decent. A lot of other woodworkers would like this gift, too.

Could you bring that woman across the street a quiet hobby, so she wonít mow her lawn every day? Sure, the snow last week slowed her down a bit, but now itís gone and sheís back out there.

A puppy.

Oh, yeah. I donít have enough clamps.

Iíll leave the tree lights on for you, as always. Snacks and beer in the refrigerator. Help yourself.

Merry Christmas,



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