Everyoneís a winner

I must be the luckiest man alive. I just won a $1,000 Home Depot gift card! But thatís not the lucky part Ė no, the lucky part is that itís the 10th one Iíve won! So farÖ

That e-mailed notice of a $1,000 Home Depot gift card joins the previous five $1,000 Home Depot prize e-mails I got recently, plus four more for $500. Yes indeedy fellow woodworkers, the latest version of the gift-card scam is targeting us. Up till now, all the gift-card scam e-mails Iíve received have been linked to Wal-Mart and, oddly, the Olive Garden restaurant. I guess we should be flattered they think we handy woodworking types constitute a potential market large enough to target us, but the fact is that these things are all just scams. And, I might add, Wal-Mart, Olive Garden and, of course, Home Depot have nothing to do with these vile things.

To be honest, most arenít scams in the literal sense. If you fulfill all the requirements, invest a ton of time and effort, and make numerous purchases, you will eventually get your gift card. By that time, however, you will have spent up to or more than itís worth.† Plus youíll have confirmed your e-mails to these solicitors, provided your complete contact information, and even given them your cell phone number. All of which guarantees youíll hear from them forever.

If you havenít gotten one of these Home Depot things yet, itís probably just a matter of time. When you do, donít make the mistake of thinking that it came from Home Depot in spite of what the link in the e-mail may look like. Just mark or flag it as the spam it is (your e-mail program should have a means of doing this) and instruct that mail like this be sent straight to your trash folder where it belongs. Thatís what Iíve been doing.

Besides, I donít need any of those prizes anyway. Any day now I should be getting a $9.6 million check from Rikobo Míblaan, nephew of a recently deposed Nigerian crown prince. He e-mailed me personally asking for my help. You know, Iíd have done it for nothing just to help the guy out, but his modalities insisted that I take a share for my trouble.

And when that check arrives, itís new clamps for everybody.

Till next time,



  • Lee Gordon says:

    Darn! I was really hoping to use that gift card to cash in on bargains galore.

  • Karla Little says:

    Oh my – you crack me up & made my day! I needed a good laugh!

  • Jon Grace says:

    That reminds me of the “You’ve won UK LOTTO” email I see in my Spam folder every few months.States that the ‘UK LOTTO Headquarters in Liverpool,England declares you a winner blah blah.” The truth is,the UK LOTTO Headquarters is actually in London,NOT Liverpool.Plus you have to be a UK citizen to even purchase their LOTTO tickets.I know because when I was in Scotland on a 2 week holiday in Sept. 2004,I tried to buy a couple tix when stopped 1 day for a quick lunch.The store clerk said, ‘Sorry hun,we cant sell them to you since you’re a US citizen…”

  • Ed Thiessen says:

    Thanks, A. J. Ya can never have too many clamps! I’ll be looking for mine in the mail…a dozen 10″ c clamps for my next project please! Merry Christmas to all.

  • Glad that someone is posting a warning about these types of bogus scams. I figure that most of them are set up to help a hacker gain access to your computer. I never answer any on line claims that I have won a prize of any kind. Thank you for your posting.

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