It’s the little things

The main thing we want in the shop is for things to go right, but that doesn’t always mean something major. The minor things are sometimes the best.

I’ve had a perfect day in the shop, using tools, completing a project or basically just doing-it-myself when I can celebrate one of the following:

• Measuring twice and not getting something different.

• Cutting something wrong, but it works out anyway because I measured wrong.

• Remembering that black = hot, and white = neutral without having to look it up.

• Managing to cut no more than one extension cord when trimming shrubbery.

• A small piece of scrap exactly the right size, and the correct species.

• Dropping a chisel, and the handle end hits the floor instead of the cutting end.

• Minimal glue squeeze-out.

• Assembling a tool that came with an extra screw/bolt/nut instead of being one short.

• The phone rings after completing a tricky glue-up, not in the middle of it.

• The only kickback experienced after a long day involves a recliner and a cold beer.



  • Carl Evans says:

    The one I especially like would be a variation on #2 is when you make a mistake and you find a better result because of the misstep.

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