New Year’s Resolutions

I got a bit long-winded last time, so Iíll keep this one short. Here are my woodworking resolutions for 2009.

As I mentioned last time, I made vast improvements in my bad habit of getting things out as I use them and not putting them away until the resulting pile of stuff starts making it hard to work. Yeah, Iím better, but I have a long way to go. This year, I resolve to double my efforts.

Iíve stated here before that there is no such thing as scrap lumber. I firmly believe that, and find scraps and cutoffs incredibly useful. However, itís only useful if you can find the right piece, and I have so much scrap that I refuse to part with that I canít find anything. I resolve to either cull out some of it, or find some means of organizing it more efficiently. Or, better yet, both.

This is also the year I put my shop storage behind covers. I have too many open shelves, leading to a cluttered appearance and allowing dust to settle on everything Iím storing. Itíll be a simple matter to add some face frames and doors to those shelves, and I resolve to make it so in 2009.

Finally, I resolve to create a master system of storing hardware, fasteners and small parts. Yeah, Iíve got several of those plastic boxes with the little plastic drawers, but Iíve woefully outgrown those. The loose coffee cans and yogurt cups filled with nails and screws gotta go, too. Iím going to make a large system of small-parts bins, color-coded to the contents, thatís both efficient and attractive.

Thatís it. Iíll leave vows to lose weight, quit smoking, and becoming a better person to those who need that kind of improvement. Frankly, I think my resolutions are a lot more realistic and achievable.

And a lot more fun.

Till next time,



  • Lee Gordon says:

    You didn’t resolve to not drop any more routers onto your head?

    Personally, I choose not to engage in this resolution business. Why make them if I’m not going to keep them?

  • Thomas Skaggs says:

    Nice resolutions A.J. We’ll check back with you in 365 days and see how all that worked out. ūüėČ

  • Bob "Burgie" Burgoyne says:

    Yo A.J.

    Great resolutions…they are achievable and pertain to woodworking!! The organizer I built in my shop holds 119 3″H x4″W x5″D plastic storage bins and is only about 6″ deep total. If you would like I can take a few pics and measurements and send you out the plans? It works awesome for storing nuts, bilts, screws, buttons, and all the other small yet valuable parts I use. Let me k now OK…

    Take care my friend!!!


  • A.J. Hamler says:

    Lee– Well, since dropping the router on my head wasn’t a conscious action on my part, it’s not something I can resolve either to “do” or “not do.” Come to think of it, it was more of an unconscious action. Especially after the fact.

    Tom– Well, due to the fact that I haven’t been in the shop since I wrote all those resolutions, so far I’m 100%. Heading out to the shop this afternoon, though, so that will probably change quickly.

    Burgie– As it happens, I bought about 50 of those same storage bins in red, and another two dozen in yellow. I figure that will get me started. And, as it also happens, I’ve seen photos of your setup and already had plans to steal the idea. But you weren’t supposed to know that.

  • Bob "Burgie" Burgoyne says:


    Well you are most welcome to shamelessly copy any ideas I have in my shop. That’s the nice thing about us woodworkers…we enjoy sharing ideas about the craft we enjoy!!

    Glad to hear from you…and best wishes for a great 2009…

    Take care my friend!!!


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