Just feels right

I just got a new impact driver, and it’s outstanding; one of the best I’ve seen or used. But you know what? I still like my old one.

Dust up

Woodworking knowledge and tricks can lend themselves usefully to dozens of other things. The trick is that you have to remember the tricks.

Woodworker’s lament

My wife and daughter: “We bought an entertainment center for the new house!” Me: “Aaargh! I could have made one!”

Must have a screw loose

Ever attach something nice and tight, then find out later that it wasn’t as secure as you thought? Yeah, me too.

A light dusting

I just got a definitive example of how efficient my dust collection system is. All it took was shedding some light on it.

Quite a shock

It’s hard to know the potential damage of the Emerald Ash Borer until you see it. This morning, I saw it.

So long, stuff

Getting rid of things I’ve made is never easy. I tend to want to keep it forever, whether I use it or not, and that’s a bad habit.

Nothing wrong with nails

What’s so wrong about using nails? Let me answer that for you: Nothing; nothing at all.

I’d hammer in the morning

You know the old saying: “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” From this woodworker’s perspective, that makes perfect sense.