A timeless match

No matter how hard you try to make something new match something old, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, the best way to match things is just to wait.

Fast, but not so furious

What’s the fastest project you’ve ever made, beginning to end? I’ve made a lot of quick-n-easy projects, but I think I just beat my own record.

Ask a simple question

Here’s a shocker: I don’t know everything there is to know about woodworking.

LED’ing the way

It took almost a year and a half following your suggestions for the best shop lighting, but I’ve finally become a believer. I positively love my LED shop lights.

It takes two

Whenever I make a quick trip out to get something I need, it seems I always have to make a second trip.

Know when to fold?

Internet search engines are useful when I’m looking for woodworking information or products. Not always so useful, though, when an engine finds me.

I hate being right all the time

I talked last time about hating to buy something I could make myself, opining that I could probably do a better job. I had no idea.

A forbidden purchase

I hate to pay for something I can do myself, but sometimes I do. I draw the line at paying for woodworking, though. Uh, well, until now.


I’m currently working on a joint project with another woodworker. And even though we’re working “together,” the other guy is more than 2,000 miles away.

Book ’em

I’m a book lover, and keep them all. As a result, we have hundreds. How many of those do you suppose are woodworking books?